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Grint Wants Kids To Read A Clockwork Orange

The actor joined his former co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in signing up to the American Library Association's READ campaign, which encourages children and teenagers to indulge in classic literature.  Campaign posters show the three actors holding up their favourite novel, and Grint's co-stars have made a more sombre choice - Radcliffe loves Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita while Watson recommends Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Inauguración de la Liga Mexicana de Hockey sobre Hielo 

Mayan Astronomer, Zapotec Totems, Azteca Eagle Warriors y Teotihuacan Pridsts son los equipos que le darán forma al naciente torneo. 

Los conjuntos que iniciarán en esta primera temporada son Mayan Astronomer, Zapotec Totems, Azteca Eagle Warriors y Teotihuacan Pridsts, pero para el próximo año se espera que el número crezca a cinco, posteriormente a seis y al final en no mas de cinco años se llegue a contar con hasta 10 o 12 plantillas.

Jugarán en el Distrito Federal solamente, ya sea en la pista de Hielo de San Jerónimo o en la de Lomas Verdes, lugar donde este sábado será la inauguración y donde la entrada será gratuita al público.

Barat Fears Book Will Anger Doherty

He fears his upcoming memoirs will ruin his reformed partnership with PETE DOHERTY - because he used the book to detail his pal's outrageous behaviour.  In Threepenny Memoir: The Lives of a Libertine - which is due for release later this month (Sep10) - Barat catalogues notorious incidents when Doherty burgled his apartment and faked his signature on cheques.
Barat tells The Observer Magazine, "His reputation precedes him, and I wanted to write without slinging mud. Obviously things he did really hurt me and if I felt bitter about something it was hard to write objectively. I'm very scared that he's going to misread it."

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